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So you can be proud of being black, hispanic, or asian, but you can’t be proud to be white? Wtf is wrong with society?

white people are behind the worst genocides in history what your sus ass got to be proud of? the invention of graham crackers?

idk pretty sure we invented toilets or something

bitch we invented the soap to clean your filthy asses dont talk shit


Actually, white people invented the following;

The Piano
Electric Engineering
Theory of Evolution
The Wormhole
First one’s in Space
First one’s on the Moon
The theory of Natural Selection
The Jet Engine
The discovery of DNA
The discovery of the Atom
The discovery of Cells
The Camera
US Constitution

And yes, a white person did happen to invent the graham cracker.

If you want to cling to every invention that white people are responsible for throughout history as if it’s some sort of accomplishment of your own, then you should also accept responsibility for all the disgusting things that white people have done, correct? You can’t just claim the things that make you look good and disregard the history that makes you look bad. Take it all or leave it all.

Geography- The oldest known world maps date back to Islam in the 9th Century B.C.

Automobile- automobiles were base on chariots created by the Indo-Iranians.

Electricity- Nobody invented electricity, pendejo estupido. Electricity is a natural phenomena. 

Computers- Computers were based on the abacus, created by the ancient Sumerians.

The Piano- The piano is based on string instruments created in ancient Mesopotamia.

The Wormhole- Einstein discovered this, and given that Einstein was a dedicate member of the NAACP and called racism America’s “worst disease”, I’m sure that he would not appreciate you using his discoveries to promote white supremacy. 

Theatre- The earliest recorded theatrical event dates back to 2000 BCE with the “passion plays” of Ancient Egypt.

The Jet Engine- This is based on rockets invented by the Chinese in the 13th Century

The Discovery of the Atom- Atomism dates back to India during the 6th Century BCE

The Camera- Photographic cameras were a development of the Camera Obscura, a device dating back to the ancient Chinese.

The U.S. Constitution- The earliest known code of law dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians. The American Constitution is based on the Iroquois “Great Code of Peace”. And given that the original U.S. Constitution was used to enslave and murder thousands of people, maybe you shouldn’t be so proud of it.

Democracy- Based on the Sanghas of India during the 6th Century BCE

Republics- See above.

Nice try, white person. Practically everything you guys invented comes from PoC 

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    A king is a monarchy. I think they were referring to the Greeks who are generally (and falsely) listed as the creators...
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    this post pleases me haha but yeah africa back in the BC’s had like really rich kings and all dat business just like...
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    White people: The Kinkos of ethnic groups.
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    I feel like people shouldn’t be shamed for something they can’t help or something that other people that happen to be...
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